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Last Updated: 31-05-2019

This group is all about FREELANCING.

Group Founder
: Hisham Sarwar

Hisham Sarwar a seasoned freelancer has always been known to be an independent thinker and a risk-taker, proving his far-sightedness time and again.
Hisham is a tech social entrepreneur by heart who wants to give back to his community and is providing hands on training to Pakistani students in different universities all across Pakistan. He is also the front face of https://www.digiskills.pk, a Government program to train ONE million Pakistani freelancers through online videos.

Important Group Posts:

Importance of social media for freelance work

Live Bidding on UpWork

Satrangi Formula to get projects.

What to do when you are not getting orders?


Other important group posts:

Live Video Links File


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