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Technology is the key to success in the 21st century. The world is revolving around Advance Technology used daily. It can also be used as the purpose of earning. Computer, Internet connection, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets are the primary tools required to earn money via Online Sources such as Freelancing.

Freelancing Awareness:

Freelancing is the biggest industry to earn money online, as people work according to their time and will by sitting at home. It covers a vast variety of fields from Content Writing to Web Development, Articles to Graphics and many other fields. But the problem is people do not know where to start from or where to go, as no specific guidelines have been provided by anyone.

There are people now educating others on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. From past years these platforms have enhanced the skills of some very intellectual, intelligent, responsible, and hardworking persons. Among such people, Hisham Sarwar has taken an initiative to Educate & Grow Pakistan Freelancers Community. He also started an Event Seekhna Seekho. This year the event will be held on 21st December 2019 at Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad.

Seekhna Seekho Event 2019 will be hosted by some great personalities from the Freelance & IT Industry of Pakistan. Few of the personalities who took initiative & organized the event are listed below.

  1. Hisham Sarwar, the First Pakistani Freelancer to rank in Top10 in the biggest Freelancing Market Place. He is the CEO of Infomist Services, founder of, and also an instructor at Digiskills.
  2. Muhammad Yousaf Saeed is also a great name in a Pakistani Freelance Market. He is a passionate Digital Marketer, founder of IBT Internet-Based Training Program and HBG Entrepreneurs.
  3. Sheikh Ishtiaq Ahmed, Founder & CEO of “Sheikh Ishtiaq Ahmed Education Hub”. His areas of expertise is Career CounsellingScholarshipsHRM and Personal Grooming Skills.

It is a great initiative by Sir Hisham Sarwar to enlighten the most important topics like Freelancing, Blogging, YouTube, Graphics Designing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, Web Development and many more. A great start-up for the youth to interact with different types of people around the country. Everything is considered before planning events like transportation and meals. This has started from Islamabad but then will be held in different cities like Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, etc.


  • Opportunity to interact with different types of people for work.
  • Having awareness of different types of technologies.
  • Many people should get benefits from the event.
  • Make registrations for more people so that many people get a chance to learn new things.
  • Get a platform to earn.


  • Made the event Free so that many people can get benefits from it.
  • Running Ads on different Social Media platforms like Facebook. 
  • Send Emails and Messages to the people you know before.
  • Give free Meals to people coming from different parts of the cities.

VitalWiz Sponsoring the Event

Seekhna Seekho 2019 Event is sponsored by VitalWiz, who is on the mission to empower people. It is one of the fastest-growing business solutions providers and a leading exporter of IT services from Pakistan.

Capitals used in the event

VitalWiz who is sponsoring the whole event and arranged Convention Center Islamabad for it. Backdrop is also used at the event. Other arrangements include meal and hot & cold beverages. Catering is also an important factor in such large events. Then the Thanksgiving section for the participants as, certificates and badges will be distributed. Then comes the transportation which helps people to arrive on time. Last but not least most important aspect is the Social Media Campaign.


  • It is a great opportunity not only for the youth but also for the employed and unemployed people as well.
  • It is a great way of women empowerment as they get equal benefits of the event and they can take part in every aspect of the Event.
  • You can be influenced by eight great Speakers of the event as the owners of Pro-Pakistanis are there to help people.
  • This event can make other events more successful in other cities that are yet to be held.
  • Participants are coming from all parts of Pakistan like Karachi, Peshawar, Swat, Kashmir, and many other places.
  • It’s a great means of communication between the local community and the general one.
  • The people already know about freelancing can further enhance their skills in their field.
  • You can make new clients from this event by meeting new people.

These types of events should be held annually, just to introduce some new technologies, new courses and new means of learning online.

Event Details:

VitalWiz Sekhna Seekho Event 2019
Register Here:
City: Islamabad:
Day: Saturday
Timing: 9 Am to 6 PM
Venue: Jinnah Convention Centre
Date: 21st December 2019

Article Contributed by Rizwan Khan


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